Sunday, April 17, 2016


Apparently it's the 14th anniversary of this sucky blog. A good time to kick off SPRING FUNDRAISER FUNSTRAVAGANZA. Don't give if you can't afford to. If you are inclined to give, please note that I resist putting up those ads that are ruining the internet for everyone. I assume they make money for sites - though I have no idea why - but I don't want you to have to play a video game (find the "X" and then another "X" and then turn off the volume on your computer! and then restart your browser because flash locked it up!) to read this site. Give to support what I do if you wish! If not, that's fine too!

People sometimes find asking for reader support to be distasteful. And, really, it's fine if you do. But my local NPR station does it all the time, as does yours, (listener, not reader, obviously) and look where the money goes...