Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Cunning Plan To Take Your Money

Someone brought this up in the comments the other day (out yourself if you want! I never know). Once upon a time all good people were given advice to buy long term care insurance so that when you were old you wouldn't be a burden - financial and otherwise - on your family. Unsurprisingly that has gone badly. Whether they're crooks or they just screwed up the actuarial stuff, the plans started losing money. They started hiking rates on people, so that insurance you bought at $X when you did what you were advised like a good citizen, was now pinging you for $(2*X) or whatever. Stop paying your premium, no long term care for you. The industry largely collapsed. AARP doesn't even market LTC insurance anymore. One way or another a lot of people bought something which will likely not be there for them when they need it, or at best will cost them a lot more than it was supposed to.

Good thing so many people took that advice. What's the next scam for all responsible citizens?