Saturday, May 14, 2016

Kick the Poors

Food stamp benefits are already so meager that the poors can only afford a few T-Bones per month as it is!
WASHINGTON -- Republicans controlling the House are proposing $23 billion worth of food stamp cuts over the coming decade. They are part of a $170 billion spending cut package aimed at getting tea party lawmakers to vote for a broader 10-year budget plan.

Next they'll take away the free Cadillacs!

I forget who it was, but years ago some Republican explained their worldview in very blunt terms. Basically answering to the charge that the government gives lots of money to rich people and big corporations, this guy said something along the lines of well of course. The successful deserve their success - have earned it - and therefore they deserve even more of the spoils. It was if you proved your worth for government handouts by showing how successful you were elsewhere. It was part of your reward.