Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At Least We Have Thoughts And Prayers

As I've written a million times, when I am your benevolent dictator I will, in fact, take all of your guns away. Until the Sacred Ritual of Bl'oggggg is performed and I achieve that power, nothing is going to happen. I can't even get interested in the things they try to make happen. This time it was banning gun sales to people on the Terrorist Watch List. Yes if we have a "terrorist watch list" that isn't just one more way for various important officials to find lucrative employment after their government "service" then it's insane that people on it can buy guns. But the List is just some bullshit nobody takes seriously, so tying the ability to buy guns to it is at best just more theater. Of course it's insane that anyone can buy assault weapons (and your ever-shifting definition of what an "assault" weapon REALLY IS in some metaphysical sense makes you a dupe, not clever, Mr. Gun Nut Gun Groper who never served in the military you Cosplay).

And, of course, even that bullshit can't get through Congress. At best you can make people make "tough votes," but Dems can't stand to keep things simple so, you know, both sides and it's all very complicated and all that.