Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oops I Rubio'd Myself

I suppose with 17 members of the clown car it was hard to go wrong betting against people, but the "Rubio sends starbusts up everyone's leg" crowd never made any sense to me. He comes across as an annoying not very precocious man-child. Maybe he's good looking in some sense, but he has zero charisma. They aren't quite the same thing. Sure policy should matter more than theater, but for the starburst crowd it's all about the inept theater criticism. Besides, they've all been pushing the same nonsense so attempting to actually differentiate them on policy was a waste of time. Some put on their metaphorical bow ties and specs long enough to convince Very Serious People that they're wonky, but the policy from the wonks was pretty much the same as the policy from the non-wonks.

Who has convinced the boy blunder that he was destined to be president? Weird.