Thursday, June 23, 2016

Or Maybe Not

The way to avoid a big confrontation is to not start one. Rounding up all of the hippies will look bad and be very expensive (lawsuits). If the city can't have an event like this without handling them appropriately, using every effort to deescalate confrontation at all moments, than they shouldn't have them.\\
A day after the city said it would house in Holmesburg Prison protesters arrested during the Democratic National Convention, plans have changed.

"In the event of any arrest, we will first use other jails in the system," Shawn Hawes, spokeswoman for the city's prison system, said Wednesday.

Yes it's possible that police intervention is necessary. The key is that police intervention isn't assumed to be necessary. In NYC in 2004 it was clear that rounding up the hippies was the job. It was about showing who was boss.