Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Does It Really Mean For People

While there's been talk about the impact of Brexit on the supposedly Big Important Things such as The City and Big Finance, trade, etc., there's been very little discussion about what it would actually mean for ordinary UK citizens. Nobody really knows. What will those currently residing elsewhere in Europe, or who are the equivalent of US snowbirds with their lovely Spanish accommodations, be faced with? Most people won't ultimately care much about the things which elites think are important (elites find ways for this stuff if they need to, anyway), but they will care if they have to cut their annual 6 month stay in Costa del Sol to 3 months... or zero.

I think a lefty case for leaving the EU can be made, but that most good that could result would depend on lefties actually running Britain. The EU has the potential to hamper more lefty policies, but that's redundant when the Tories are in charge. If I could vote I'd vote to stay, but I can imagine scenarios such that leaving would be a good thing. Those scenarios just aren't going to materialize.

And then Scotland will go. Congratulations, David Cameron....