Sunday, July 03, 2016

All Empires Crumble

And the British (UK) empire is about to crumble yet again. Don't think the Tories understand that no one else in the EU (the powers that be, not necessarily the people) gives a crap about whether the UK is in or out. Give me everything I want or I'll run away and you'll miss me!!! didn't work very well when I was 6. It won't work very well for the UK now either. Give us all of the EU benefits and the unique uniliteral power to nullify anything we don't like or we're out!!! Don't let the door, yada yada, and by the way we're keeping Scotland and Northern Ireland...

Yah, good luck with that. I cannot believe that dastardly Jeremy Corbyn conned the Tories into doing this! His evil superpowers have no limit!