Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gonna Go Hang Out At The Abortionplex

The end of Dem defensiveness on abortion is a welcome development. For some reasons pundits always tell us that The People like politicians who are sure of themselves and unapologetic about what they stand for (I think this pundit observation is actually true!), but Dems are supposed to be wishy-washy about all of their key differences with the Republican party. Always supposed to chase the people who won't vote for them.

Lost in the discussion, from a purely political perspective, is that Dems have their own group of single issue voters, those who are concerned with legal reproductive health and rights. It isn't that reproductive health and rights issues are the only thing they care about, but it is the thing which will bring them to the polls. For years Dems were told to support abortion rights, but tepidly and apologetically, making sure to communicate that every abortion was an icky tragedy that we should all feel really bad about, especially the slutty slut who had one. They were also supposed to make common cause (why it was their responsibility I was never sure) with people who wanted to outlaw contraception. Never knew what that compromise was supposed to look like. Free abortions for some, chastity belts for others?

Hopefully those days are over. Women need proper health care. Abortion is a part of that, and without the right to choose women can't be equal citizens. Be loud and proud about it.