Thursday, July 07, 2016

Why Don't You Just Give Us Everything?

Sure it's often not a bad bargaining opening gambit, but the Tories really are in this fantasyland in which they think that European leaders give a shit about whether the UK has anything to do with the EU or not. Combine the fact that they really don't much care anyway with the fact that giving in to the UK will mean playing this game with basically every member and therefore effectively destroying the EU anyway.

The sad thing is that the Tories are ridiculous, and Labour isn't much better. The Tories have at least discovered that promising to makes people's lives better is more of a winning message than not promising that, even if they're full of shit about how to accomplish it.

Leadsom says she wants fair rules on immigration.

Leadsom says she will not use EU nationals as “bargaining chips” in negotiations with Brussels. All who are legally here will be able to stay.
She says she wants to ensure farmers get the same level of subsidies, although they would be targeted in a different way.

And she wants to ensure people can still travel freely in the EU.
Leadsom says she wants to spread prosperity.

We need to heed those citizens who think the country’s leaders are not worrying about them enough, she says.

She says people feel that big business bosses get salaries that bear no relation to their performance. She agrees, she says.

She says she wants to see better training and higher pay.

Let’s banish the pessimists, she says.

She quotes Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, saying the UK can handle change. The question is how we adjust, she says.

She says she wants to speak to the markets. No one need fear our decision to leave the EU, she says. We will leave it carefully.

Trade will be the top priority. She wants to continue tariff-free trade with the EU.

And she wants free trade agreements with fast-growing economies around the world.

I wonder if "the markets" will speak back?

Free trade, no free mobility. Capital mobility, no labor mobility. The recipe for turning your people into powerless paupers. The EU isn't perfect, but the genuine labor mobility was a very good thing.