Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Eliminationist Wingnuttery

Yes, this Human Events article contains an idea we could all embrace. Of course, if someone on our side proposed something similar we would be branded America-haters.

And no shining example of prime wingnuttery would be complete without some sort of Made Up Shit somewhere in there...

All in all a fascinating look into the mind of the "values"-based crowd...

...sadly, it seems, my own state hasn't been targeted for expulsion. However, since my city at least doesn't seem to fit the necessary criteria for inclusion in "Bush USA", not really fitting the description of:

predominantly white [note this is the first, and presumably most important of the criteria] ; devoutly Christian (mostly Protestant); openly, vigorously heterosexual; an open land of single-family homes and ranches; economically sound (except for a few farms), but not drunk with cyberworld business development, and mainly English-speaking, with a predilection for respectfully uttering "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir."

I'm pretty sure with a little work we can be annexed by Camden.