Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And Nobody Sees The Problem With This

I imagine if it's successful at all it will be because of visitors from burbs, and not people who would travel from the subway station that's 100 feet away, but there's a wee problem with a business model centered around selling drinks until 2 AM to people who have to drive home to the suburbs.

Those "concepts" are: Spectrum Grill, a high-end steak house; Victory Beer Hall, fashioned after a German beer hall with long picnic tables; NBC Sports Arena, with its giant high-def TV; PBR Bar and Grill, featuring Tex Mex cuisine and a mechanical bull for nighttime rides; and the Broad Street Bullies Pub, with 48 beers on tap, burgers and wings, Flyers memorabilia, and a stage for bands.

The spoke in the middle, known as Philly Marketplace, will feature the Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Co., Nick's Roast Beef, Chickie's and Pete's, and a Phillips Seafood raw bar, among others. Outdoor patios can be found at PBR Bar and Grill, Broad Street Bullies Pub, and Victory Brew Hall.

Location is an advantage, Luukko said: Xfinity Live is accessible from I-95 and I-76 and is "less than a half-hour from Delaware, just over the Walt Whitman Bridge from New Jersey, seven minutes from Center City, and an easy drive from the suburbs."