Friday, April 24, 2015

100% Diet Of Rendered Bacon Fat

One of the worst traits of political reporters is to think their contempt for flyover country means they understand it, instead of just meaning that they hate the great unwashed they perpetually pretend they're giving voice to.

It's like when Candy Crowley flipped her shit because John Kerry, prostate cancer sufferer, dared to try to order Green Tea. If you live in Real America you know that every supermarket sells a variety of types of tea, and that either restaurants have or don't have a basket of random tea options. Either they do or they don't. People in kabumfuck Iowa might have actually experienced something other than deep fried Twinkies with a side of Coke in their lives, and it's journalists who are being elitist assholes for assuming otherwise, not the politicians who don't.

edited for clarity