Monday, September 19, 2016

The Ad Cycle

I thought it would've reset by now, but the internet just keeps getting worse and worse. Trying to read a website is like playing a game of whack-a-mole with the ads, and that's before we start complaining about the auto-on video and audio ads. Usually these things do follow a cycle, with the ad arms race heating up until everybody realizes it isn't sustainable and it resets a bit, but it seems like endless cover-the-text popover ads are here to stay this time. A mystery to everyone who has ever used the internet is why anybody (meaning the people who pay lots of money for these ads) think that they'll sell anything by rendering their potential customers' browsers temporarily unusable, but for some reason they do.

Anyway, no popover or auto-on audio ads here (I think some have slipped through occasionally, but they aren't supposed to). I turn down (meaning: I ignore) ad company pitches all the time because they generally promise some Exciting New Ad Unit which I interpret to mean even more creative ways to annoy you. Also, people who pitch anything through email on the internet seem to be uniquely bad at their jobs.

As always, if you want to support this site the best way to do it is to click on one of the Amazon links before you make purchases you were going to purchase anyway. Costs you nothing. I'll try to keep the ads below a certain nuisance threshold...