Saturday, July 28, 2018

Drag Him

The twitters dragged this reporter over this description, as they should have.

Wow it's just so hard to have employees punch in and out if they want to get paid instead of, you know, telling them to punch out and then do more work. This worked when I was 15 years old and literally had a punchcard machine to punch in and out of. It certainly worked when I was 16 and got to punch in and out using a fancy touch screen machine.. in 1988. I'm pretty sure they can figure out how to add a "clock employee out in 5 minutes after he locks up" button or put it on the damn smartphones. so they can clock out as they walk out the door.

Restructuring job duties is what Starbucks did. Douglas Troester, a supervisor at a Starbucks in Burbank, filed a lawsuit because the checklist for closing the store required him to clock out so he could upload data about employees’ hours, sales, and other information before leaving work, which he said required a few minutes of off-the-clock work. Starbucks changed its system so that punching out initiated the information upload.

It's petty of me and I don't cheer on the decline of journalism, and certainly #notalljournalists, but journalism to a great degree, under the guise of "objective centritude" has been very hostile to organized labor (except those Newspaper Guilds!) and similar over the years. Wow, gonna cost billions to pay employees when they work! If only there was some alternative system in which employees did not have to be paid for work...