Friday, November 06, 2020

Jacob Wohl Level Crimes

There's about a millimeter between Republican ratfucking which can work and Republican ratfucking which is hilariously dumb, but I think this falls in the latter category.
While legal experts said it was clear that any pool of ballots mailed Thursday or Friday would not meet the legal requirements, they differed in their theories about why the Trump campaign was encouraging it. Some considered it a recognition from the president’s campaign that Pennsylvania’s vote count, which remains too close to call, would tilt in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Others speculated that the campaign was encouraging these votes in hopes that one would be accepted, at which point they could petition courts to invalidate the entire pool of absentee ballots—including those properly postmarked by Nov. 3 and received by the Friday deadline—by claiming the whole batch was tainted by fraud. Pennsylvania election law currently holds that ballots received after Election Day without a clear postmark would be presumed valid though subject to rebuttal. Currently, the running tally of votes as reported by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s Office on Thursday did not include legitimate absentees arriving after Election Day, which have been segregated in anticipation of future litigation.