Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Big Charity

It's always tough to criticize organizations that are supposed to be doing good with charitable donations, and to some extent are, but which are also spending a lot of those donations on other things. Overhead and fundraising costs for any big organization are nontrivial and normal, and it's important to understand that, but there are limits...
Some of its own employees have criticized it, too. During five years with the Wounded Warrior Project, William Chick, a former supervisor, said of the charity, “It slowly had less focus on veterans and more on raising money and protecting the organization.”

Mr. Chick, who was fired in 2012 after a dispute with his supervisor, said he saw the Wounded Warrior Project help hundreds of veterans. But like other former employees, he asserted that the group has adopted a policy of swiftly firing anyone that leaders consider a “bad cultural fit.”

Eighteen former employees — many of them wounded veterans themselves — said they had been fired for seemingly minor missteps or perceived insubordination. At least half a dozen former employees said they were let go after raising questions about ineffective programs or spending.

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