Tuesday, April 25, 2017

But It Wouldn't Be

I know an ugly monument to 15 years of folly is sad, but it was a dumb idea, Fontoura.

Fontoura concedes that maintaining positive sentiments about the project – which once again has been virtually dormant since December – is not always easy.

“There is so much promise for the region, but it is getting much more difficult to still believe in it,” said Fontoura, a Democrat who was first elected sheriff in 1990. “I’m incredibly hopeful that it is still going to work, but the frustration – well, I can’t even explain it anymore. It seems too far along, and there is too much of a commitment for it not to happen. It would be one of the worst things ever if we don’t complete the thing – just a catastrophe. I just hope I’m still alive when it opens.”

This guy is smoking the good stuff:

Look, it’s a big operation. We’re talking about a couple of billion dollars going in there. There are going to be 9,000 to 12,000 full-time employees. It will be a great thing for the state, and it will be a destination for the whole country – and maybe the world – to this location. It’s hard, but it’s going to get done, hopefully.”

Yes They Do

A weird current genre article is the "voters who love Trump love Trump" one. They find the people who love Trump the most, and then ask if they love him. Um, you chose the people who love him, so, yes?

When We're Feeling Down

We can remember the fun of Chris Christie being rejected over and over.

Gov. Christie gave President Trump a ‘B’ grade 100 days into his term at the White House, declaring Trump’s staff needs to “get their act together” and “serve the president better.”

“You’ve gotta put touchdowns in the end zone,” Christie told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview Monday night. “The president knows how to do that. He’s got to make sure that we get everybody focused on the task at hand.”

And still apparently not understanding that Trump was always yanking him around. He put Jared's Dad in jail.

Monday, April 24, 2017


The Affordable Floors - From A Distance

Monday Evening

Almost through another one.

How It Always Works

Democrats appoint (at best) mainstream journalist types for some communications positions, people from think tanks like Brookings for Serious National Security positions, and this is proof that these institutions are actual liberal plots, and Republicans appoint the worst people from the far right and this is proof of BothSides.

America's Worst Humans

Jojo Hedaya.

Ok even I am starting to hate millennials.

Never Tweet

It just isn't a medium which makes anyone appear to be distinguished. I don't need to appear to be distinguished, obviously, but if you are, say, the President of an important country or perhaps even a not so important one or maybe the CEO of a big company or a the head of a DC think tank...

Don't Tweet.

Maybe They Just Don't Work On Mondays?

They told the press that construction had resumed on the American Dream!


Following the post below, it isn't that I think facing workplace harassment from [insert your favorite dreamboat] is okay or even better, just that money and power are something men crave because it gives them power and legal protections for abuse that they wouldn't have otherwise. [Your favorite dreamboat] might get lucky with you at a bar in a mutually agreed to evening, but it's only in the workplace that he has that kind of power over you.

What A World

Maybe this isn't the point, or maybe it is precisely the point about wealthy powerful men, but imagine being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes?

Syndrome Announces His Cunning Plan


The White House has offered to pay out the subsidies only if the bill also funds the border wall. If Trump gets what he wants, everyone will be fine; if Trump doesn’t get what he wants, he will take insurance away from millions—and the government might shut down! Defeat me, he intones darkly, and I will pants myself.

Getting Worse

I don't even follow any Trump parody accounts but every time I make sure it isn't parody.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Marching Band - For Your Love

He Was Right There

This isn't a 2002 flip phone interview or something.

TRUMP: You have to love people. And if you love people, such a big responsibility. (unintelligible) You can take any single thing, including even taxes. I mean we’re going to be doing major tax reform. Here’s part of your story, it’s going to be a big (unintelligible). Everybody’s saying, “Oh, he’s delaying.” I’m not delaying anything. I’ll tell you the other thing is (unintelligible). I used to get great press. I get the worst press. I get such dishonest reporting with the media. That’s another thing that really has — I’ve never had anything like it before. It happened during the primaries, and I said, you know, when I won, I said, “Well the one thing good is now I’ll get good press.” And it got worse. (unintelligible) So that was one thing that a little bit of a surprise to me. I thought the press would become better, and it actually, in my opinion, got more nasty.

Afternoon Thread



Obviously I don't have much sympathy for Uber and clearly Apple was correct here, but Apple shouldn't have the power to destroy companies. Which they do. And the dynamic is also a problem because most companies Apple decide is Bad don't get a call from Tim Cook, they get yanked from the App Store by some staffer.

For months, Mr. Kalanick had pulled a fast one on Apple by directing his employees to help camouflage the ride-hailing app from Apple’s engineers. The reason? So Apple would not find out that Uber had secretly been tracking iPhones even after its app had been deleted from the devices, violating Apple’s privacy guidelines.

But Apple was on to the deception, and when Mr. Kalanick arrived at the midafternoon meeting sporting his favorite pair of bright red sneakers and hot-pink socks, Mr. Cook was prepared. “So, I’ve heard you’ve been breaking some of our rules,” Mr. Cook said in his calm, Southern tone. Stop the trickery, Mr. Cook then demanded, or Uber’s app would be kicked out of Apple’s App Store.

Or to put it another way, it's a problem that Apple can destroy Uber, but it's also a problem that they didn't.


I think my "favorite" thing about Trump is that he is the dumb evil villain in every superhero story who announces his plans in full detail.

That This Is Plausible

I think those of us who are very inclined to believe rampant employer discrimination exists in various ways tend to think it's a little bit more subtle generally.

The letter also includes new allegations of racism in Fox News’s accounting department. According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Slater demanded that black employees hold “arm wrestling matches’” with white female employees in her office, just down the hall from Ailes’s office on the 2nd floor of Fox headquarters. “Forcing a black woman employee to ‘fight’ for the amusement and pleasure of her white superiors is horrifying. This highly offensive and humiliating act is reminiscent of Jim Crow era battle royals,” the letter says, referring to the practice of paying black men to fight blindfolded at carnivals for white spectators’ entertainment. The lawyers argue that Efinger bragged about wanting to “fight” a black employee.

The new claims, if true, reveal not just the failures of the legal and HR departments to deal with problematic managers but also just how deep the culture of discrimination and harassment may have run during Ailes’s reign.

Midnight Post

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Evening

Rock on.

Since No One Seems To Notice

Republicans have the White House, the House, and the Senate. Even the bit of procedural nonsense the Democrats can play with in the Senate only is allowed if Mitch McConnell chooses to allow it.

It's all theirs.