Saturday, March 25, 2017

Overnight Thread

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Evening

More Chris Lee!

It's Friday And I Got Nothing But Videos

How can Sammy Davis Jr. be this good?

Actual Happy Hour

Moments like this require Christopher Lee. Nothing else will do.

And It's Over

Nazicare by Obama is here to stay, according to Ryan.

Early Happy Hour

According to my deep sources on Twitter, no vote!

...a twist!

Into The Woodchipper

The only reason for them to vote on this is to give Bannon a "naughty or nice" list.

Afternoon Thread

It's a beautiful Spring day here.

You're Fired

It's more obvious now why The Apprentice was such a perfect fit for Trump. Make a mistake (in his eyes), and you basically become an unperson. Gone.

Paul Ryan is about to experience that.

Your Moment of Zen

Somebody Sees The Grift!

Gotta keep the day drinking funds rolling in.

The American Dream mall is not a dream; it is fantasy that it is not happening. While the mall in the Meadowlands is sitting empty and construction hasn't started, we've heard for years they are going to start sometime soon.

Before they kept spinning and giving out misinformation that the construction will start soon, but now they won't even respond. We believe the reason they aren't responding is because they don't want to walk away without getting all their permits for a mall in Florida. They are doing this because they don't want to undermine the financing approvals for their Florida project.

Vote Henry Sias

I've been friends with Henry for.. I dunno, 10 years I guess.. and he's running for judge here in Philadelphia. So if you're a local, vote for Henry!

History could be made in Philadelphia this spring.

Henry Sias is seeking a judgeship on the Court of Common Pleas. If he’s successful in the May 16 primary election, and later the general election, Sias would be the first transgender man to be elected judge in the nation.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Night

Tomorrow is.... maybe this will make disqus work

...have a video

Happy Hour Thread

Get your happy on.

Your Moment of Zen

Time To Bring Out The Cattle Prods

Or maybe checks for the floor. Ryan's scheduled and then postponed presser has been postponed again!

...and now my deep sources on Twitter say the vote is off for today. Bigly!

Philadelphia's Worst Humans

Seth Williams.

Deal or No Deal

Current word is NO DEAL on Trumpcare. Praise Jeebus for the House Freedom Caucus.

Majority Rules

A big problem in American politics is that no one is ever clearly to blame. In parliamentary systems, the party or coalition in charge rightly is responsible. In the US, we have the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches, also, too, the judicial branch. We have both the Senate and the House. They have stupid rules about when a majority is or isn't a majority (filibuster, reconciliation+"Byrd rule", etc.). This is combined with a campaign finance regime which, while now eroded, long separated "issues" from "elections," and an "objective" press which worships "bipartsanship" and "across the aisle" nonsense. And of course we have a federal system, meaning states and local governments have significant powers.

It's always scary to remove barriers to simple majority rule. Can get a horrible Supreme Court Justice for life (we will anyway) and horrible seemingly irrevocable policy changes. I'm not a "we must burn it down to save it" kind of guy. I don't think short term pain inevitably leads to long run gain. But generally I think it's good to kill these anti-majoritarian things whenever possible. When 50%+1 rules, no politician or party can hide behind an arcane system. Rs are to blame or Ds are to blame. The end.

Still Growing!

Philly is barely growing in population, but I think people tend to underestimate the major shift from being a shrinking city to a not-shrinking city. There has definitely been a "would the last ones to move out please turn out the lights" perception about Philadelphia for a long time, with policies focused on attracting jobs and visitors instead of existing or potential residents for a long time. The city isn't booming, but the shrinking is over (for now).
New population estimates released today from the U.S. Census Bureau show that Philadelphia has continued its demographic winning streak. The city continues to grow, reversing a decades-long trend of population decline, and the Philadelphia metro area, with over 6 million residents, has maintained its ranking as the nation's seventh largest.

Obama Wasn't That Great

I don't say that to bash him, but I get frustrated by people who are blind to what went wrong the past 8 years, not all of which was the fault of Republicans (especially when you include the fact that Obama shares some blame in their being elected in the first place). It isn't about dwelling in the past, it's about recognizing that after 8 years of Obama things are still fucked up and bullshit. I don't really like the framing of elections as "stay the course" or "status quo" but for whatever reasons (and there are reasons), a lot of Americans don't think America is already great. Life is tough. People often blame the wrong things when that is the case, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

Terrorists Are SCARY

I'm not downplaying the horrible events in London, but I'm always grimly "amused" by the reactions which expect that events like that put a city on lockdown, with everybody too scared to leave their kitchens or something. London's a big place. 9 million or so people live there. People gotta go to work. People still go to the pub after work. In a dense city, a mile away is like a million miles away. I lived in London years ago during a period when there were 3 nontrivial terrorist attacks, and while they were horrible most people didn't adjust their life in any way. If I heard about (for example) a bomb going off in the heart of Philadelphia (a mile away or so), I wouldn't fear for my safety at all.

9/11 was obviously a bigger deal in NYC, because it was a BIG DEAL with lingering aftereffects, but even the 7/7 bombings in London, as horrible as they were, didn't shut down the city (The London 7/7 bombings got surprisingly little attention here in the US compared to what any terrorist attack anywhere gets now, despite their scale, but that's a subject for another blog post).