Friday, May 06, 2016

Shootings At A Mall

I live in an urban hellhole. There are shootings almost every day in the city. Most aren't "stranger danger" shootings. I don't feel unsafe. But they happen pretty much constantly. They also (almost) never make national news. I get why certain kinds of shootings - seemingly random mass shootings, school shootings - that happen outside urban hellholes get a lot of attention, but quite often the fact that the shootings happen in places where they aren't supposed to happen, such as a nice suburban mall, is the news hook. It isn't supposed to happen there. Well, it does. I'm not sure if it's happening more, though it seems that way, but it happens.
Three people were injured in a shooting outside a Bethesda, Maryland, mall Friday morning, police said. The shooter is still at large.

Two males and one female were shot in the Westfield Montgomery Mall parking lot around 11:30 a.m., Montgomery County police told NBC News. All three were taken to area hospitals. There was no immediate word on their conditions.

Some Good News

It isn't official yet, as the voting system is a bit complicated, but the Muslim Labour candidate has almost certainly beaten the asshole Tory candidate to become the new mayor of London.


We do love our children.
Pennsylvania State University paid settlements to end claims that Joe Paterno and other coaches at the school knew as early as the 1970s that Jerry Sandusky was assaulting children sexually, according to court filings and a person familiar with the payouts.

I'm Sure This Time It Will Work

This company completely failed. Maybe the assholes from the state who run the district have learned their lesson!
The Philadelphia School District will sever its ties with a New Jersey company that failed to deliver on its promise to provide substitute teachers to staff classrooms across the city.

Yay! Oh, wait...

On May 19, the School Reform Commission is expected to vote on hiring another company - Kelly Services - to take over placement of substitutes in the fall.

Another year, another year of kids not having teachers. It worked perfectly fine when it was in house, but there was no profit and (though of course I have no evidence of this) no kickbacks, so...

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thread, Thread, Thread

So many poopy heads, hard to know which one to highlight.

The Trump Show

That's what this entire election is going to be. The political press loves the Freak Show, and they'll be his carnival barkers.

Much more fun than policy.

Lunch Thread



Leaving aside the issue that the charter movement (not all charters schools) is basically a grift, I do not understand how our supposed education reformer experts (they aren't experts, of course, just grifters) and the people who listen to them don't get that closing down schools and reshuffling teachers and moving kids around all the time has an incredibly negative effect on a child's education and mental/emotional well-being.

I moved around a lot as a kid. Going to a new school was very traumatic. You had to make new friends (or try to). You had to learn all of the unwritten rules/customs of the new institution. All of that is incredibly difficult for an 8-year-old. It's hard to learn when you're still trying to cope with the lunchroom etiquette.


Obviously girls are the most affected by this stuff, but it doesn't exactly help boys become enlightened and healthy beings either.

A poster at an Arizona school that compared girls to meat and boys to wolves has been taken down after a picture of it taken by a student was widely shared on social media.

The poster, which has the caption “So you think you come to school looking pretty cute” under a picture of what appear to be scantily clad anime characters, then the caption “but what boys see is meat” under a picture of a wolf, was spotted in the library of Desert Ridge high school in Mesa, Arizona, by senior Alissa Adams during a class on 27 April.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Opera

This applies to basically any too-expensive-for-most-people live performance genre. I'm pretty sure the Met can fill every seat for every performance if they price things correctly. That's a bit complicated, of course, because we are talking about price discrimination (soak the richie riches, sell the leftovers at a discount to the less rich). But I don't think it's that complicated. In any season there are probably some superstar performances which will sell out, or at least close enough. But otherwise, I'd guess attendance isn't that hard to predict. They can reasonably guess there will be 200 empty seats or whatever. Get rid of rush tickets, which involve uncertainty and waiting, and change it to a lottery where people know by noon or whenever that they have a discounted seat. The miracle of phone apps can make this work. Distribute discounted tickets as a standard practice to university student activities office. Show up at 10AM, get your tickets, if no one does throw them into the lottery pool. Anyway, the point is to engage in price discrimination in ways which don't make it too inconvenient for those who pay the cheaper prices. I get rush tix at my local orchestra occasionally, but it isn't exactly convenient. Turns a two hour evening into a 5 hour one. I don't always have 5 hours to spare.

I used to go to the Met occasionally because I knew someone who had a line to discounted tickets. They still weren't cheap, but they weren't sold for crazy prices. But I can't afford to pay the standard rate, and nor can most young people (I no longer am) who might be the future audience.

Trump's VP

Adam Baldwin? Jim Cramer?

Place your bets...

Evevning Thread


As For November

Sure the CW that Trump is unlikely to win is probably right - the polls and The Math actually back that CW - but if Trump actually hires smart people who know how to run campaigns then his loss isn't exactly assured. From what I can tell the national Republican consultant class is filled with self-promoters and grifters who usually don't know how to run a lemonade stand, but there have to be a few who know what they're doing...

A Healthy As Ever

The GOP currently runs the House, the Senate, has most governorships, and most state legislatures. Pretty sure Trump won't change things that much. The "worst" case scenario from the perspective of GOP insiders is that the distribution of wingnut welfare might change a bit. The horrors.

The GOP is dead, but, you know, long live the GOP, now Trumpified.

I See The WaPo Editorial Board Still Owns No Mirrors

What a lovely little war it was supposed to be.

Bye Lyin' Ted

America's most repulsive human is no longer running for president.

America's worst human still is.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

All Hail Trump

With his big Indiana win he's basically won this thing. As I've written before, I doubt (don't remember, but doubt it) I predicted his success when he first entered the race. I likely thought "no chance." But after a few months of him being ahead in basically every poll all available information at the time told us he was the likely candidate. Things can change, of course, so it wasn't as if in December his candidacy was inevitable. Still, if you were going to place a bet at the time you should have placed it on Trump.

All of the professional pundits kept telling us that Trump couldn't win. They kept pushing Rubio as inevitable and Kasich as the serious moderate and Fiorina because she didn't gnaw off her own foot at a kiddie table debate and whoever else was the seemingly agreed upon favorite of the week with their 6% poll numbers. Trump was actually ahead, always.

Evening Thread