Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tuesday Night



Atrios actually started it at USA Today. 


I remember back in 2000 when there was a bunch of chatter about how Al Gore couldn't possibly be president if he won the most electoral college votes but lost the popular vote. Of course George Bush lost the popular vote and then there was some other stuff that is best forgotten, but that narrative had been put in place just in case. And in the UK, something similar is happening...

Back to the Past

Grifter Huckabee is in. We're all supposed to believe in the regular folks just a nice guy vision of him. He's quite obviously a profoundly nasty man, even aside from policy preferences. But since everyone has amnesia about what really happened in the 90s and after, we can have one reminder.

Wayne DuMond was convicted of raping a distant relative of Bill Clinton. Before trial, he claimed that vigilantes broke into his house and castrated him, though there is some suspicion that this was self-mutilation. This of course evolved into a widespread belief on the right that Klintoon had sent his thugs to avenge his relative, or at the very least DuMond was an innocent man unfairly incarcerated. This was touted in media outlets, both left and right (mostly), for years. While he later tried to distance himself from this, obviously due to pressure from the fever swamps, Huckabee had supported DuMond's early parole. Not long after, DuMond was convicted for rape and murder of another woman, and was a suspect in yet another rape and murder.

Bring Back Alamo Girl

The Clinton Body Count is going to return.

Ride More Often

I get that elites have justifiable reasons for not using public transit, but the problem is too many of them (in urban hellholes where lots of people rely on it) never used it, even before they were 'elites'. Maybe use it a bit more often, and you'll know what people deal with, good and bad.
In a stern, bullet-pointed missive on Monday, the mayor described a star-crossed attempt at riding the subway to a speaking engagement in Midtown Manhattan. A train never came — and when the mayor resurfaced, his security vehicles were nowhere in sight.

“The detail drove away when we went into the subway rather than waiting to confirm we got on a train,” Mr. de Blasio wrote in the email, addressed to Deputy Inspector Howard Redmond, the head of his Police Department security detail. “We need a better system.”


Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, is not a regular subway rider: Like mayors before him, he is driven most places in a police-issued sport utility vehicle. Still, at times, the mayor’s email resembled a typical rider’s lament. “We waited 20 mins for an express only to hear there were major delays,” Mr. de Blasio wrote. “This was knowable info. Had we had it, we would have avoided a lot of hassles.”

Nice Work

Heads I win, tails you lose.
For investors in hedge funds, like big pension funds, 2014 was not a lucrative year. But for those who managed their money, the pay was spectacular.

The top 25 hedge fund managers reaped $11.62 billion in compensation in 2014, according to an annual ranking to be published on Tuesday by Institutional Investor’s Alpha magazine.

Morning Thread

Who needs coffee? Raped,  now pregnant ten year old denied an abortion, and her mom has been imprisoned for failing to provide proper care. Sure it's Paraguay, but this is what the anti-choicers want for us.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Late Night

One thing about blogging is that there are always topics that try to suck you in... they're so stupid, yet so compelling...must.. resist....

Monday Night


Also, Too

Some college/university freshman are minors, so all of those institutions are going to have to foot the bill to comply with this ridiculous law, forcing expensive background checks on literally all current employees.

Where's Rudy?

The GOP clown car continues to accept new passengers. Come on in, Rudy 911!

Girl Fight

There should only be boy fights.

In A Nutshell

Parking problems.
Do your customers usually drive here?

We have a lot of customers that drive from out of town. People who used to come here as a kid, or met their wife here, and now they live in New Jersey or the suburbs. The parking situation is getting crazy. People run in to pick up a pie and get a $20 or $30 parking ticket. I can’t park, myself. I park four blocks away.

Do you live far away?

Not really. I should walk. Or ride a bike! I go to the gym at Fourth and Bainbridge and I just saw the city built a thing where you put money in and pick up a bike. Bike rentals. They’re nice bikes, too, with a basket to carry things in. Maybe I should do that here, get a bike station out front.

I get that business owners at times have specific parking needs, but four blocks is not far. You can park. Just a few blocks away. You can also walk. You can also take public transit, as this part of town is pretty well-served by it (depending on which way you are going admittedly).

If people are getting tickets because they're running in to pick up a pizza, it means they're parking in a very illegal spot. Probably in front of a hydrant, or in a spot which blocks a bus.

Morning Joe Still Loves Him

Americans (and probably others) do have a fondness for putting assholes in charge, based on the notion that they'll kick the asses of the "right" people. Christie just beats on everyone.
Christie’s overall job rating currently stands at 35% approve to 54% disapprove among New Jersey residents and 35% approve to 56% disapprove among the state’s registered voters. This marks a significant drop from just a few months ago and is an all-time low in Christie’s net job rating.

Morning Thread

Alas, back to the real world.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday Night

Tomorrow is...

Hell On Earth

I haven't spent enough time in Scandinavia to have a deep understanding of any of the countries. Places always have problems and troubles and complexities that aren't immediately apparent to people who just visit for a few days. But it'll certainly be good to have someone out there actually pointing out that maybe some other places do it right. As with everything else in our political discourse, it's ok to praise other countries in order to justify conservative goals. You know, we need charter schools so our kids test as well as Korean kids!!! or whoever we're supposed to be "losing" to this week.