Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Evening Thread

Have at it.


This covert ops thing never seems to work out well. Certainly not in the long run.

Marcy on Bhengazzzzz.

But the key questions all come down to what degree the attack on Chris Stevens and two former SEALs who might have been training the Special Forces that didn’t come through when it mattered was blowback, a horrible but perhaps unsurprising outcome when you arm a range of militias to overthrow someone you want gone.

Afternoon Thread

Travel day for me...

Witness #40

Dear Penthouse Forum...

Justice In America

Only looked at snippets of the grand jury stuff, but it's quite obvious that it wasn't a grand jury proceeding, it was a trial without a prosecutor.

Morning Thought

White people generally lose their shit over a $30 parking ticket.

Morning Thread

I read the news today, oh boy...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Late Night

Not much we can do to prevent white on black violence.

Monday Night

Probably not a lot to enjoy.

Wanker of the Day

Glenn Kessler.

Just For One Day

I've been reading these "area man actually does something around the house" stories for decades.

I won't claim to live up to the 'equality in housework' standard, especially when adjusted for certain time availability factors, and ultimately that's what matters, but I don't think I deserve a medal every time I cook a meal, either.


Grand jury decision announcement today.

No deep thoughts other than it's time for heavily armed law enforcement to stop assuming that unarmed black people are a danger to them.

Afternoon Thread

Doing some turkee day shopping. This is my favorite Italian Market store.

Why All The Parking

I often wonder why businesses in places where land is relatively plentiful but still not cheap don't fight back against parking minimums more than they do. They do cost a lot of money. A tool for excluding smaller competitors might be a reason.

The Worst Person In The World

Rudy Giuliani.

GOP Daddies

Silly Booman, it's in the constitution that all super macho security jobs must go to Republican dudes, all Very Serious People who know how to Keep Us Safe.

Maybe Rudy Giuliani?


Benghazi was a lot like Whitewater, in that it never even made any sense. The Clintons are being accused of corruption so nefarious that they lost money on a land deal? What?

Of course Whitewater led to son of Whitewater, and third cousin 7 times removed from Whitewater, etc. Maybe that ultimately was the goal of the Benghazi Show.

Hagel's Out

And it seems like the administration is really pissing on him as he goes out the door. Weird.