Friday, May 29, 2015

Morning Thread

5:35 a.m., and already light outside.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Late Night

Rock on.

Should Have Gone For 26

Short sighted, really.

Past Misconduct

Unless it was criminal I don't think we need to know what it was, but on the other hand what the hell is worth $3.5 million in blackmail money?

Um What

Former U.S. Speaker of the House John Dennis Hastert was charged Thursday with attempting to evade banks' reporting requirements and lying to the FBI about his actions.

He was charged with structuring a cash withdrawal of $952,000 so as to get around the rule that banks must report such transactions over $10,000. The charges also allege that he lied to the FBI about his actions.

Young Earth Creationism

There are various flavors of creationism, ranging from "God created the universe" to "the Earth is 6000 years old and evolution is a lie." Nothing can shake the faith of the faithful, I guess.

I went to a private school for my last couple of years of high school, so I can't complain on church-state grounds. But the guy tasked with teaching us evolution basically taught us the straw man version of evolution. Meaning, he "taught" all of the bogus critiques of evolution (no transitional fossils!!!) that creation science people throw out all the time. I knew enough at the time that I knew he was feeding us bullshit. Did he know he was? I can never figure this stuff out. No matter how many times you debunk the claims...

America's Worst Humans

Ted Cruz.

He Is The Champion, My Friends

Actual policies don't matter, just theater.

Must See TeeVee

Sounds good to me.

Heckuva Job

Remember Christie took the tunnel money and spent it on roads. And now...?
SECAUCUS, N.J. — Bridges across the state are falling apart. Roads are rife with potholes. Frustrated New Jersey Transit riders are facing another fare increase.

As many commuters bemoan the mounting delays and disruptions, state officials say New Jersey is confronting a transportation funding crisis with no easy way out. Voters are so fed up, support is growing for a revenue option long viewed as politically untenable: raising the state’s gas tax, which is the second lowest in the country.

This whole ZOMG CAN'T POSSIBLY INCREASE THE GAS TAX stuff is straight out of 1993. Pennsylvania did it and nobody noticed. Gas prices fluctuate so much that no one will really notice if you add 10 cents to it.

And, yes, it's a regressive tax, but it's the best one we have, so...

Really Don't Think An SUV Would Have Helped

Yah maybe an inch of water more than your Civic could handle, but don't drive either through flood waters if you can possibly avoid it?

Morning Thread

A friend went to celebrate her 70th birthday at a casino in Connecticut. Not my choice, but whatever. She hadn’t been for many years and was kind of surprised at what things cost. The breakfast buffet was $24/person. For dinner, her friend ordered a pork chop, $47. And since she wanted some mashed to go with that pork chop, ka ching, another $9 added to the bill. Scooter rental, $35/day.

It seems the casinos have taken a page from the airline industry. If they can’t get increased profits from gambling alone, they’ll just keep adding fees and make their extra profit by charging for items that used to be free. How long before Holiday Inn starts charging for breakfast and/or internet service?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Evening


Texas Floods


Did The Moops Invade Spain

We'll find out soon if the magic five Supremos are even hackier than we imagined.

America's Worst Humans

Joan Monroe.


I Wonder What Gave Them Away

Perhaps it was the cunning plan to hold a summer World Cup in Qatar.
ZURICH — Swiss authorities conducted an extraordinary early-morning operation here Wednesday to arrest several top soccer officials and extradite them to the United States on federal corruption charges.

But Everything Was Perfect In The 50s

It is "funny" if not quite "ha ha funny" watching how the press treats crazy Bernie Sanders and his crazy Eisenhower era ideas.

But those Iowa voters are SWOONING over Carly!!!