Thursday, November 27, 2014

Secret executions

Yep, in the new, fun, America, secret executions. Progress!

God Damn The Pusher Man

These types of relationships between doctors and pharma are gross.

Lunch Thread


Happy Turkee Day

The Key Question

All America is wondering....

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Night

Tomorrow is...

CoT: Killing Each Other

Been a while. But the atrocities continue.

Afternoon Thread

Let it snow.

Notorious RBG

Speedy recovery...

Officer Friendly

I'm still trying to figure out if people whose experiences with the police have always been pleasant (or at least appropriate) don't believe that isn't the case for all people or just don't care.

Wednesday Morning

Sure are a lot of cars on those highways.

Morning Thread

Take a break from the Ferguson news and read Echidne on Uber.

Happy T-Day everyone.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Evening Thread

Have at it.


This covert ops thing never seems to work out well. Certainly not in the long run.

Marcy on Bhengazzzzz.

But the key questions all come down to what degree the attack on Chris Stevens and two former SEALs who might have been training the Special Forces that didn’t come through when it mattered was blowback, a horrible but perhaps unsurprising outcome when you arm a range of militias to overthrow someone you want gone.

Afternoon Thread

Travel day for me...

Witness #40

Dear Penthouse Forum...

Justice In America

Only looked at snippets of the grand jury stuff, but it's quite obvious that it wasn't a grand jury proceeding, it was a trial without a prosecutor.

Morning Thought

White people generally lose their shit over a $30 parking ticket.