Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I have an odd fondness for brutalism and also agree with the idea that there's some value in preserving representative bits of architecture, even horrible bits, from all eras, but I'm really not seeing the masterpiece in this one...


I certainly can relate to the notion that blogging (mostly) all day every day is stressful. Yes it's a privileged and easy life for the most part, but it still has its own unique stresses that take their toll. As soon as I hit the publish button, my next thought is "ok, what do I post about next..." And running this blog isn't just about my brilliant thoughts or mad aggregation skills, it's also about trying to gently manage a (fortunately mostly well-behaved) community. This thing is running even when I sleep.

Tear Down This Garage

They were supposed to be saviors of downtown, drawing people by offering parking as plentiful as at any suburban shopping mall.

But decades after cities tore down buildings and replaced them with parking structures, communities across the country are demolishing the garages and putting up buildings again, confident that more people will be drawn to lively offices, hotels and housing.

We can compete with the suburbs by trying to be like them but worse (in the sense of not being able to compete with their specific advantages) was never a good plan.

Bloggers Begin

Glennzilla has a good piece.

I usually don't scream quite as loudly as I used to, because I don't have to. Back in the early days you had to make noise to be heard. Now that the internet is much more all linked up, one doesn't have to be quite as noisy. If you have a good point you can probably get an audience for it. I'm not making an internet-as-meritocracy argument, I'm simply saying that stuff can be linked and relinked and twittered and facebooked in a way which didn't happen back in the "old days."

The Great Grift

It's amazing that CNN never gave this man a job. Oh, wait...

Soak The Rich

Sometimes I want to be in the room at the White House when they discuss these things. Yes the cost of this tax benefit (in terms of lost revenue) is mostly due to relatively wealthy people benefiting from it, though it matters more to the less wealthy people who benefit from it. So, instead, increase the top tax bracket rate by one percentage point. Lower the rest by one percentage point (someone else can do The Math to make this work).

Morning Thread

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Late Night

Rock amongst yourselves.

Wanker of the Day

Jon Chait.

America's Worst Humans

Mike Huckabee.

Love Affairs

One of the goofier unchallenged phrases is "American love affair with cars." Cars are useful things! We built infrastructure to accommodate them, and then places that required them. People in other countries have cars too! They also, sometimes to a lesser extent, built infrastructure to accommodate them and places that required them.

Afternoon Thread


The Great Grift

I'm not going to claim that everyone working in dem-leaning politics is a saint. We have our own mercenaries and grifters. But the Great Grift of conservative politics is quite stunning in its scope.

Wanker of the Day

Andrew Cuomo

Quality Trolling

Washington state Republicans are going to make sure the Dems take the blame for Bertha (which they mostly deserve).



Monday, January 26, 2015

All That Hype For Nothing

Locally, at least. The forecast here was always a bit lower than NYC and parts of New England, but, it seems like we're down to almost nothing at this point.

This has been the local snow report, brought to you by the letter 'S'.

Everybody Panic