Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's A Complete Mystery Why People Aren't Playing Golf

Could it by that it's really expensive and (probably for the best) we don't build municipal golf courses anymore?

Just a theory. Probably it's the bippity bop and the iphones.


This month's Crypto-gram is action-packed.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Late Night

Rock on.

4 Day Work Week

I get that it doesn't work for all companies for many obvious reasons, but it can work for some.

Is Our Elites Learning

The problem with the Lifestyles Of The Not Quite Rich Enough genre is there's never any hint that anyone involved (reporters, subjects) take the next step and think, "oh, gosh, if I can't live on $300K what must it be like to live on $50K!!!!"

The Continuing Series On The Lifestyles Of The Not Quite Rich Enough

It really is a fascinating and slightly gross genre, but I get it. Even the people who came from the right backgrounds and did everything right and have all the right friends are "struggling" to live the life they were supposed to be able to live.

Guys I Think We Forgot About The War On Easter This Year

Gonna head the CVS and stomp some peeps.

Doing It Wrong

Sweden's deflation is proof that hyperinflation is just around the corner, as always.

Lunch Thread

Out seeing a Boy George concert, as one does on a Friday afternoon.

BRT Creep

The advantage of BRT is that you can combine segments of a route that have a dedicated lane with segments that don't. Counting operating and ongoing capital costs, the dedicated lane bits aren't really much cheaper than rail, but in theory you can combine express segments with local ones so that buses can make use of existing roads and also the dedicated lanes. Rail obviously can only use the bits you build for it.

But the problem with BRT is always BRT creep. People start deciding that they can save a little money here and there, and that dedicated lanes aren't such a great idea after all, and then you have... a bus.

And buses are great, but they're buses, stuck in traffic like everybody else.


I don't understand this practice of hiring American political "gurus" to advise campaigns in the UK. Politics and the media just are not the same there.


Sandy recovery still far from complete.

Damn that failed DeBlasio administration.


Rock harder.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Late Night

Rock on.

Oh, Donovan

You're rich. Hire a damn driver.

Better yet, be somewhere you can just call a cab.

Thursday Night

It appears my local sports franchise is involved in an important puckball competition.

Happy Hour

Had pho for lunch and, boy o boy, am I thirsty. Cheers.


The shorter version of this techcrunch piece on SF housing is that for various policy reasons, the supply of housing in SF is highly inelastic, and there is an odd coalition of interests that are quite happy with that state of affairs.

Allowing more building won't magically halve rents, and the municipalities surrounding SF, specifically areas with BART stations, are probably bigger culprits than SF itself, but as long as demand keeps going up, changing policies to allow more housing construction is the only way at least moderate price/rent increases.