Friday, April 19, 2002

Are there any Republicans who aren't under investigation?

NEWARK, April 18 —
Agents from the Federal
Bureau of Investigation and
the Internal Revenue Service
today raided the office of
James W. Treffinger, the
Essex County executive and
the current front-runner for
the Republican nomination
for United States Senate this

Sandra Carroll, a special agent in the Newark
office of the F.B.I., confirmed the search of the
offices of Mr. Treffinger, the county's highest
elected official, and Ronald H. Manzella, the
appointed county administrator who handles
day-to-day business. Their offices are in the
Essex County Hall of Records here. Searches
were also conducted on a number of other
unspecified locations, she said. One person
familiar with the search warrants the agents were
carrying said that the agents had also searched
Mr. Treffinger's Verona home.