Friday, April 19, 2002

California Politics Watch

Bill Simon doesn't know if he paid California taxes.

Sacramento -- Bill Simon, GOP multimillionaire candidate for governor, said
yesterday he wasn't sure he had paid any California income taxes last year --
and suggested that a request by Gov. Gray Davis that he release his tax forms
smacked of Karl Marx and "Big Brother."

Simon, responding to a call from Davis to prove he had paid his "fair share" of
taxes, insisted he would not make the information public. "I mean, that sounds
like somebody coming out of Moscow, you know? 'Their fair share,' " he told KSFO
560 radio host Brian Wilson on Tuesday. "You know, Karl Marx talked like that .
. . and there's going to be Big Brother that's going to decide what your 'fair
share' is," Simon said. "That is not a concept that is contained in the Internal
Revenue Code.