Monday, May 20, 2002

All of Blogistan (e.g. The O'Rourkian via Instapundit) had their panties in bunches this weekend over the fact that a CBS news report goofed and said "President Bush" in 1998 rather than "President Clinton." Come on, it is worth a laugh, but do you really think this is anything other than a goof? The fact that Janet Reno is STILL listed in this Washington Post biography as being responsible for Ruby Ridge is a bit more damning.

From the bio:

Few members of the Clinton
administration have
engendered as much
controversy as Attorney
General Janet Reno. She was praised for her
role investigating the 1995 Oklahoma City
bombing and the Unabomber but criticized for
her handling of the Ruby Ridge incident and the
storming of the Branch Davidian compound in
Waco, Texas

Update: I forgot to mention that I had contacted them about this and they never fixed it or responded.