Sunday, May 19, 2002

Amygdala sez:

REMEMBER: If you find yourself dying of bacteriological attack, radiation, or simply exploding into fire, be sure to write a note as to whether you blame a Republican, or a Democrat. That is, after all, what's important.

Of course not. But it does matter who is in charge, what they did to prevent it, and how they plan to prevent the next one.

And now can we finally start talking about that?

Now can we acknowledge that, as Charles Dodgson makes clear below, Ashcroft is completely incompetent?

Now can we acknowledge that Louis Freeh left the FBI in shambles while remaining in power due to his obsession with the presidential member?

Now can we acknowledge that the USA Patriot Act, with its name that could not possibly be any more Orwellian, is a horribly frightening piece of legislation which has nothing to do with fighting Terra?

Now can we ask just what it is we're planning to do in Afghanistan?

Now can we ask the media, the administration, and everyone else to maybe, just maybe, stop referring to this as a "War"? Astoundingly, it really isn't fair to all those other Wars.

Now can we stop denouncing all criticism of the administration's actions as being unpatriotic or even treasonous?

Now can we acknowledge the fact that when our president is an incompetent idiot, that is not a good thing as Peggy Noonan claims?

Now will journalists start hanging up on Ari when he calls to criticize them for their negative coverage?

I hope so.