Monday, May 20, 2002

As the Clinton administration was coming to an end, many people joked to 'ole Rusty Limbaugh that once Clinton was gone his show would be over because he wouldn't have anything talk about. Rush claimed loudly and proudly that once Clinton was gone he wouldn't talk about him anymore, but that he would still have plenty to say.

Well, then we had a few more fake Clinton scandals once he left office, so perhaps Rusty can be forgiven for breaking his promise. But, seventeen months later * Rush still devotes much of his show to talking about Clinton.

That is fine, perhaps. But what is more disturbing is that the rest of the media is too. Every analysis of the Bush administration, particularly any accusation of wrongdoing, has to include some reference to the Clinton administration. It's as if they think that to be "fair and balanced" requires kicking the ex-president every time you kick the current one. That's stupid.

*Apparently it has been sixteen, not seventeen, but there have been many media mentions of seventeen lately so it isn't really my fault.