Friday, May 24, 2002

The Evil-Dewars are coming!

And look here's the FBI again, popping up
like some sort of agitated gopher, saying
very sorry but it simply won't be able to
prevent any nutjob suicidal religious
fanatics from strapping C-4 to their chests
and blowing up a crowded Starbucks in
downtown Chicago or maybe Seattle or
maybe right down the street from where
you live, and isn't that horrible and aren't
you just terribly scared good now please
hush up and stop asking questions.

This is the pattern. This is the message.
Like some horrible clockwork they come,
fresh terrorist attack warnings from the
Bush administration or possibly a
stern-faced government security agency,
paced out every month or so just so you
don't get too complacent, too wary, too,
you know, suspicious.

And Kudos to Morford for putting links in his column. Need some more of that. Although, Tweety's silly Blog is a bit overlinked.