Saturday, May 11, 2002

Ha Ha Ha!

Fox's Faux Colonel

After hearing about Fox's faux colonel, I've decided it's time for me to land one of those cushy news consultant jobs.

From: Tim
To: Roger Ailes
Subject: I'm your man

Dear Mr. Ailes,

As a former prime minister of the State of Israel and a member of the Royal House of Saud, I think I can be of service to your network. I've lived
on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict. I can bring a unique perspective to your news programs.

Let's get together to discuss this opportunity further. I'm free for lunch on Friday.

Prince Tim
Royal House of Saud
Prime Minister, State of Israel (ret.)

PS. I play cribbage with Robert Blake every Thursday.

Unsurprisingly, Fox responds! go for the rest..