Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I haven't ventured into AndyLand for awhile, but I decided to check in today. Andy's trying to start a pissing contest with Eric Alterman, which is fine, but he's already lost the first round. Since Andy's vast technical staff and financial backers can't seem to manage to fix his perma-links, I can't link directly to the post, but this is what he says:

I agree with him about David Brock's privacy. But here's his harrumph: "And I say shame on those who claim a right of personal privacy for their own lives but then jump all over Brock’s life to advance their own political agendas. (One more cute move like that one, Drudge, and you’re off my links list. So there!)" But where was Alterman last year when my privacy was being destroyed by his ideological friends and allies? Joining in with the best of them - gleefully. Figures.

Hey, Andy, even I may have been on your side if you hadn't just written this in an article in the May 27,2001 London Times:

Sexual gratification is his medication for the hugely busy but strangely empty life that he leads. Now that he is no longer president, being sued for sexual harassment or committing perjury in a deposition, that's a matter for him, his wife and his God. But it will surely get him into trouble again. Another sexual harassment lawsuit from an aggrieved intern and he will be toast. But how will he resist? He shows no sign of having grappled with his obvious psychological problem -even the humiliation of 1998 didn't do that.

Witness what happened in Oslo after Clinton gave his speech two weeks ago. Rather than retiring to bed, Clinton went out to dinner with some students at a branch of TGI Friday, the American restaurant chain. A 19-year-old girl presented him with a tulip. Clinton gave her a hug. "You're too beautiful to only get a hug," he told her.

Anybody who thinks he has changed is fooling himself. These patterns of behaviour are driven so deep they will almost never change. In this sense, Clinton is once again a sex scandal waiting to happen. And the scariest thing is that he barely knows it.

Besides Andy, you've done your share of "outing".