Wednesday, May 01, 2002

I should just let B.N. take over this site. Here are the comments he posted regarding the NRA:

Imagine--if Tom Boyer of the Pink Pistols, the gay observer quoted in the PlanetOut article, had made his way to that panel discussion and stood right up during the question-and-answer session (assuming there was the customary question-and-answer session as there usually is at these shindigs) and said right out to the panel:

"I'm gay.
I'm armed in self-defense against homophobic lowlifes like you.
And I'm part of a whole organization of queers armed likewise.
What do you say to that?"

Of course, he probably would have been gunned down on the spot. But at least it would have been a hell of a news story, even if Norquist, Fitzpatrick-Conway, Debbie Schlussel et al got off scot-free at the ensuing trial--to the benign neglect of Andrew Sullivan and the stormy applause of their fellow media whores nationwide.

Come to think of it, maybe there's a reason there wasn't a question-and-answer session at that panel.