Saturday, May 04, 2002

In the interest of fairness, I present the other side, by Snotglass:

The liberal media has focused attention on the latest unemployment figures while ignoring the more important story. Recent studies conducted by the authoritative Vodun School of Economics at the American Enterprise Institute reveal that, contrary to the sensationalized and speculatory tales published by
the liberal media, the American economy is poised to expand exponentially as a direct result of the dynamic economic stimulus provided by President Bush's visionary program of targeted tax cuts.

This ground-breaking study, virtually ignored by the uninformed and politicized popular press, is fully supported by collateral data collected by noted economist Jonah Goldberg. After years of stagnation due to the failed economic policies of the previous administration, President Bush's elite economic team developed a comprehensive plan to end the Clinton recession.

Relying on input from successful leaders of the business community, the President's far-sighted plan re-directed surplus funds from the bloated Federal government to top corporations and the neediest segment of the American electorate. Aside from the noble philanthropic aspects of this policy, re-directing these funds has provided an immense pool of capital in the private sector from which the Federal treasury can borrow in times of war and recession.

The liberal media exaggerates the negative effects of unemployment and suppresses the positive aspects. According to prize-winning economic theorist John Carlson of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, unemployment is a certain indicator of imminent commercial expansion and exerts a positive influence on the remaining labor force by stimulating individual worker productivity. Knee-jerk limousine liberals hyave long failed to recognize the value of moderate unemployment rates as an economic force multiplier.

You people should be grateful for the economic wisdom of our elected President.