Friday, May 10, 2002

Jebus H. Keerist. What is with homophobic whiners who can dish it out but can't take it? What is with these right wing practioners of victim politics, like bigotboy Horowitz, who think anyone who actually disagrees with them is a P.C. fascist trying to silence them? Just because people call you on your bullshit, and it IS bullshit, doesn't mean they're trying to stifle speech. If you want to preach your crap, us more tolerant folk are gonna preach our crap more loudly. Don't like it? Move somewhere we don't have the right to speak. Why DO you hate America so much, assholes?

Exhibit A.

This guy is a bigot and a moron.

Naked Writing reams him a new one. I'm too pissed to respond in a less vitriolic fashion. I am just so tired of right wing assholes who equate disagreement with an attempt to stifle speech. It is obviously an admission that they are, indeed, full of shit, but shocked that anyone would dare to call them on it.

You wanna debate? Bring it on. You got nothing but moronic hate.

Disagreement is NOT an attempt to take away your right to speak. Only in your deluded insecure senstive pathetic little baby brains it that the case. You got something to say? Say it. But I'm gonna call you on it, bigotboy.