Friday, May 24, 2002

Nooner the Looner hallucinates, and my pal T. Bogg gets his in:

Ms. Noonan would have us believe that Mr. Bush will somehow be remembered for his speech
at the Bundestag. As evidence she reminds us of a Reagan speech at Normandy many years
ago. What she fails, or chooses to not remember, is that unlike people like herself that
were a part of the Reagan White House, most people remember Reagan laying flowers at a
memorial for Nazi soldiers on that visit to Germany. Considering that Mr. Reagan managed
to duck service during "The Big One", many were not amused. I'm sure Ms Noonan has
managed to block that blunder, like many other Reagan screw-ups, out of her mind. After
all, character only counts when one is actually keeping count.

Now we have Mr. Bush conveniently out of the country while Mr. Cheney cleans up his mess
he made while napping in Texas last August. In case Ms Noonan hadn't noticed, the media
scarcely touched on this all-important lecture that Mr. Bush delivered to politicians in
Germany who were busy unifying their country while Mr. Bush was running his oil
businesses into the ground in Texas. No, the media treated us to tens of thousands of
Germans who despise Mr. Bush and all he stands for. They don't need a lecture on world
affairs from a frat boy dilettante who was handed the job by his dad's friends.

In many cases the Germans will find in Mr. Bush a reminder of their own history. A
staggering Mr. Bush was elevated in the eyes of his people by a massive fire and tragedy
at the World Trade Centers, just as a former German ascended due to the Reichstag fire.
The similarities surely won’t end there.