Sunday, May 12, 2002

Novak and Hanssen are Friends

It appears that confessed spy Robert Hanssen was not
only feeding the Russian war-machine abroad, but the
conservative war-machine at home. A 13-month probe of
security vulnerabilities and violations at the FBI and CIA,
ordered by FBI Director Louis Freeh and headed by
former CIA and FBI Director William H. Webster,
revealed that on more than 20 occasions, Hanssen
performed computer database searches for confidential
information regarding Hillary Clinton and Chelsea


It is unclear exactly where the fruits of Hanssen's labor
landed, but a good guess might be the syndicated
columns of Robert Novak. Last July, Novak admitted to
using Hanssen as his primary source in a 1997 column
accusing Attorney General Janet Reno and the Justice
Department of covering up campaign scandals. Might the
two have discussed more than just the former attorney
general? Novak's columns on "Filegate" and other Clinton
scandals---an enthusiasm apparently shared by
Hanssen---suggest that he might have. (Novak denies
this.) That's not all the pair have in common. Both are
reputedly members of the ultraconservative lay Catholic
order, Opus Dei.

There are two questions here - what other contact did Novak have with Hanssen, and what other journalists did he feed information to?

A guy who gets our citizens killed, sells secrets to the Soviet Union, and videotapes his wife so he can show it to his pals thinks Clinton's a bad guy? sheesh.

I hope Josh Marshall writes the book on Clinton Hating that he has threatened to do a couple of times.