Thursday, May 02, 2002

One of my commenters takes issue with my contention that we have no real evidence linking Bin Laden to the WTC attacks, assuming I was trying to imply that the Bush administration was somehow responsible (I wasn't).

The only evidence we have is a tape released 3 months later in which Bin Laden talks about it, as well as video tape of the apparent hijackers released way after the fact (though obviously recorded before) spliced into other video.

My point is not to shed doubt on the Bin Laden connection, but to wonder how we devised an entire war plan based on...nothing.

Either we really had nothing, or we had something. If we had nothing, then how did OBL become public enemy #1 in about 3 hours?

If we had something, we must have had it before 9/11 - and that is why the info has never been released.

By saying that I am not accusing the Bush administration of complicity. I'm just suggesting that there must have been a colossal screwup of our intelligence industry. Not a failure to get the information, but a failure to respond to it. I'd like to know how that happened.