Saturday, May 11, 2002

A Sullivan Apologist, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, questions in the comments our smacking around of Sully over his Rhode Island innumeracy

Realize that attacking Sullivan in this way is just a parody of his M.O. He frequently takes people to task on minutiae not central to their argument, and then uses this to justify dismissing everything else they have said and will ever say. I'm sure there's some funky Latin term for this logical fallacy, but my edumacashun didn't cover it.

It matters not if Holland is 1, two, or 10 Rhode Islands really. But imagine if Paul Krugman had made such a mistake?

In addition, his attempt to blame "multiple media mentions" for his mistake is silly. Why blame anyone? Just say "oops, I goofed." Instead of taking responsibility for even a minor mistake Sully blames "the media" which in SullyLand is code for "evil liberal assassins of Fortuyn."