Thursday, May 23, 2002

Talk about coincidences. Case in point -- Lloyd Grove.

MWO, disgusted that a man's possible (unconfirmed) breakdown should be fodder for his sleazy column, complete with snarky quotes from his enemies has this to say about Grove:

MWO has learned Lloyd Grove is living with a woman who is or was at one time affiliated with the Independent [sic] Women's Forum, a henhouse of sad, right-wing harpies which came in for harsh criticism by Mr. Brock in "Blinded by the Right." Could that explain his willingness to be used as a tool of Matt Drudge and the Cult of the Soulless?

Or perhaps he's experiencing residual bitterness from a nasty divorce. So instead of dealing with his demons by seeking out professional help, he's resisted, and instead allowed his problems to fester and manifest in vicious smears of decent people.

Hence, irony of ironies, we have shrill, seedy Drudge and Grove attempting to inflict damage on a truthful, self-reflective David Brock who never hesitated to acknowledge in his book that his break from the right and writing "Blinded by the Right" were painful and difficult processes.

We see the same phenomenon among other members of the Soulless Right, including those whose ugly quotes were gleefully featured in Grove's dirty column. Grove and those sources would likely benefit from intensive therapy that infuses them with the capacity for moving beyond their anger and developing a sense of compassion and decency (President Clinton's comments earlier in the week about his critics being "unhappy people" certainly resonate now).

I think Grove's readers should know this stuff. Today. Yesterday they didn't need to.