Monday, May 06, 2002

This has been oft-quoted in Blogistan. But, Hey, I'm fairly new to this country, and maybe some of my readers are as well, so I thought I'd recycle this already WEEK-OLD bit by Charles Dodgson:

The true Bush diplomatic strategy, they claim, is deep and complex, and cannot be understood by simply taking the administration's public positions at face value. It is an elaborate series of bluffs, feints, and jabs, a kind of diplomatic blindfold chess, at once treacherous and Machiavellian in its methods, and nobly Jeffersonian in its outlook and aspirations--which just happens to require, at this point in time, in service of its recondite tactics, that the President appear to be a dim-witted rube who agrees with whatever he most recently heard from anyone with a manly voice and a firm handshake.

as linked by Electrolite.

P.S. Dodgson was kind enough to write me a nice email that I have failed to respond to, only because it required too much thinking and my brain has been hurting lately....