Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Well, it looks like Eric Alterman needs a better editor.


Did I mention the baseball writing? All that, and he was perhaps second only to Roger Angell and maybe Thomas Boswell as the best (imnsho) baseball writer in America. If it hadn’t been for Gould, that honor might have gone to George Will. As I said, there was no end to the service this man performed for his country. God bless him.


Speaking of Harvard professors, in a andrewsullivan.com as a knock on all blogs. It is not.


Update: It's fixed now, but I take issue with Alterman's criticism of Jackson and Sharpton injecting themselves in the silly Cornel West flap. Why? Because everyone else from Blogistan to pundits to right wing magazines to other academics to my bartender decided to chime in on this one, so why single out Jackson and Sharpton?