Sunday, May 19, 2002

What He Said

Thus far, the most incriminating statements about Bush have not come from the fluffers in the corporate press or the timid congressional Democrats, but from the friendly fire of talk radio. Rush Limbaugh and his callers have excused Dubya for not protecting America from the worst terrorist attack in our history because the ruffians in the ACLU and the Hollywood left would have assaulted their guy with harsh words if he had taken preventative action. This spirited conservative defense is thundering across the fruited plains: “Bush had to let three thousand Americans be annihilated because he was justifiably frozen in fear at the prospect of being verbally assailed by Barbra Streisand”. The message is being especially well received in the pious red states, where majorities of the citizenry call their favorite aunt “Ma”. From the right wing perspective, Bush is completely innocent, regardless of whatever he did - or failed to do - because liberals are a herd of nagging yentas. This really is the current conservative rank and file defense of Bush, and they believe in it passionately.

Whole thing is good, read it all...