Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Digby disagrees with me and agrees with Kaus. Maybe he is onto something:


Mickey is on to something very, very important. Media Whores Online, with it's 97 regular readers, is just one of the players that makes up the dangerous Mighty Casio of the Left.

Each day the venemous call to arms is also shot over the internet to more than 622 people on Mike Malloy's radio program. Every morning at least 1236 Americans scan Buzzflash's snide headlines. Those who read the subversive rantings of number literally in the 100s. And that's just the tip of the ice cube.

Granted, commercial radio hosts like Rush, Hannity et al, who rail daily to their tens of millions of listeners against "the liberal media" "feminazis" "leftists" "fifth columnists" etc, are usually thought to cater to the most likely nutjobs to go-off-the-deep-end, but that is no longer operative.

This is because Mickey sees something that the rest of us have missed. He recognizes that Rush's continued attacks on liberals actually belies a new sense of lighthearted contentment on the Right. If, for instance, Rush claims that "socialists" like Tom Daschle are trying to confiscate all guns and turn children into homosexual terrorists, his highly sophisticated audience sees this claim as a playful jibe. None of those tens of millions would ever take such a clearly affectionate jest seriously. They are filled with love.

All 1300 readers of the powerful and malevolent MWO and Buzzflash, however, are so mindlessly deranged because "Bush is getting away with it" that a fair percentage of them are simply incapable of controlling themselves. Media critique and political criticism of this kind, where journalists are given derisive nicknames and readers are asked to write faultfinding e-mails, is just the kind of incitement that could push a fair percentage of these scribbling Leftists to do something really dangerous.

Mickey is right to alert other concerned and committed liberals like himself to the frightening emergence of Left Wing Hate and the Mighty Casio that fans the flames of it's rage. It behooves the love- drunk flower children of the Right and the complacent apathetic center to wake up before it's too late.

Lives are at stake here, folks.