Friday, July 19, 2002

Hey, Mickey Kaus interprets an ironic post as a threat and evidence of the violent masses on the Left. I wonder how long it took him to track down a year-old post on the (now defunct) Bartcop Forum.

In any case, the person who posted that message was actually visited by the Secret Service, who were also unable to see that the phrase 'simple matter of a double assassination' was an ironic joke. Admittedly, one should not make these kinds of jokes just as one shouldn't make bomb jokes to airport security personnel, but it obviously is in no way a threat.

That's almost as funny as Andy Sullivan tracing the 5th Column back to a Dutch (or was it Danish?) website.

( Do you think Kaus should be held responsible for everything readers of his Blog say and do? - editor. Sure, why not? -A. Oh, and shouldn't you post some fun CURRENT quotes from today's Free Republic -editor. Hey, Great Idea! That's why I have an editor! -A.)

"Will not someone rid me of the meddlesome atheist?"

"Can't we push HIM somewhere?

Yes, off a cliff along with all the other socialist/commies."

re: Nedow. Within the past few days.

I also found people at wishing for Clinton's death.

I wonder what I could find on The Fray ?

To put it another way - is that the BEST you could come up with Mickey? wow.

UPDATE: That poster was indeed visited by the Secret Service, after an over-eager candidate for TIPS sent it to the FBI.