Monday, September 16, 2002

Frankly, I wish there was an Islamic/Muslim/Arab-American (not all the same thing, of course) and Democratic connection. I would consider that to be a *good thing.* They is Amurikans too, after all! However, this is nutty, stupid, race-baiting, and wrong. Ever major Arab-American organization I can find endorsed Bush in the election. One estimate has him garnering 72% of the Arab-American vote. Grover Norquist's attempts to court this group are well documented. But, present day "race"-baiting continues. Whigging Out's Instapundit approved comments are along the line of "Daschle is caving into his ARAB CONSTITUENTS, not that there's anything wrong with that, but how dare he put our national security at risk to do so!." (my paraphrase).

Whigging out also manages to conflate Blacks and Muslims to just give us One Big Group to Hate. It makes things easier that way. You see, as he says "Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the American Muslim community should have ZERO sway right now, and I mean on anyone in public office." I'm not sure how he managed to do that, but it's quite a trick. Daschle isn't just doing the bidding of Arab-Americans, and Muslims, but BLACKS as WELL, and as we all know none of them have a clue about what's really important to *OUR* country.

And people wonder why I'm a Democrat.

See also my post below regarding the claimed politicization of OKC, the utter misrepresentation of Clinton's brilliant speech, and more lies.