Friday, September 20, 2002

Joe Conason notes that Cato has retroactively renamed its "Project on Social Security Privatization" and they now claim:

On August 14, 1995, the Cato Institute launched its Project on Social Security Choice, the largest undertaking in the organization's history. The objective of the project is to formulate a viable blueprint allowing individuals the opportunity of owning their own retirement account. The project publishes books, studies, and articles and holds conferences. The Cato Institute's experts examine the problems facing the current system, the methods that can be used to move towards a system of personal retirement accounts, and the effects that a new system would have on workers.

Conason tells us that the Wayback Machine will give the game away. But, they forgot to change something in their html:

[title]About the Project on Social Security Privatization[/title]

It does seem to be the word of the week -- LIARS.