Monday, September 30, 2002

Okay, maybe I'll have to stop muttering bad things about Lisa Beamer:

To the Editor:

Re "Fellow Democrats Fret and Fume as Torricelli Campaign Struggles" (front page, Sept. 22):

We are New Jersey voters and 9/11 widows who wish that the media would focus on the positive work that Senator Robert G. Torricelli has done. He certainly has been a strong advocate for the nearly 700 affected New Jersey families. For example, he was one of the very early supporters of an independent investigation into all aspects of 9/11, just now supported by the White House, an investigation that we hope will prevent future security failures and save other American lives.

Closer to home, his long record of public service shows that he is a tireless champion of all his constituents. He gets things done, and he stands up for what we believe. That's what our state needs — and gets — in Washington and what the voters deserve to know.

Princeton, N.J., Sept. 22, 2002
The letter was signed by 10 other 9/11 widows who live in New Jersey.