Thursday, September 05, 2002

Why does Bill O'Reilly hate America so much?

From yesterday's show:

OReilly: We all know the dangers of radical Islam, and, throughout history, millions of people have been killed in so-called holy wars. Last night, we had an interesting discussion with a man that takes the Bible literally and wants to impose selected condemnations on our secular society.

While we respect all peaceful religious beliefs, we understand that certain Americans cannot be denied rights because they are gay oratheist or whatever. Some people do not understand that.

Joining us now from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is Charles Kimball, the author of a new book called "When Religion Becomes Evil." Professor Kimball is the chairman of the religion department at Wake Forest University and is a Baptist minister.

And this is what breaks my heart -- and it literally does -- I gave an example last night, Professor, of a troubled kid, 10 years old, who was abused by heterosexual parents who were drug addicts, and the kid was really worked over, burns, every -- the kid is a mess, couldn't place him. Nobody would adopt the child. Nobody, OK? Kid bounced from one foster parent to another to another to another. I mean, the kid's goin -- his
whole life's going down the chute.

Two gay guys stepped up. You wouldn't know they were gay. They make a lot of money. They have a nice house, and they said, "We'll take the kid." The kid's no day at the beach. I met the kid. The kid is no day at the beach. These guys are trying their hardest to give this guy a life.

I asked that guy last night -- I said, "Look, would you deny this child a chance that these guys would give him?" "Yes. Yes. I would deny that child a chance because these guys are gay." I just don't think God's looking at it that way.