Sunday, October 06, 2002

2 Men Arrested in triple murder.

Investigators arrested two men Saturday who police said admitted they were involved in the murders of three women at the El Rinconcito Venezolano restaurant, saying robbery was their motive.

Lloyd Thomas Johnson Jr., 29, of Lake Worth and Randell Christian Leighty, 23, of Greenacres, each are charged with three counts of first-degree murder one count of armed robbery

Neither the headline nor story mentions their religious background. The middle name of one, as well as their Kansas background, makes it pretty obvious. Odd, this is irresponsible reporting - glossing over their Christian backgrounds is likely to reinforce prejudices, not tame them. I expect nothing different from the media elites. It's very different from their reporting on the recent attempted murder in Paris which includes the attacker's religion in the 3rd paragraph.