Thursday, October 17, 2002

Rack Jite has Headlines 2003. A taste:

War Bomb Kills Interim President Kaffer of Iraq

CIA Says Hussein May be in Pakistan

Kurds Attack Shites Across Tigris

Powell Resigns

US Gas Prices Tops $4 a Gallon

Putin Invades Afghanistan

Egypt Discontinues Camp David Accords

Rush Limbaugh Replaces Jim Lehrer on PBS News Hour

Dow Jones Hits 5000

Still No Suspects on Sears Tower Bombing

Dirty Bomb Explodes on US Air Base in Southern Iraq

21 Million US Flags Sold in 9 Hours on Ebay

Clinton Caught with Janet Jackson Backstage at the Apollo

Fox's "Candidate" Chooses Brittany to Run against Bush

Israel Attacks Mecca on Ramadan

Kuwait Ousts American Embassy

Fox News Corp Buys CSPAN