Sunday, October 06, 2002

Reuters says it like it is:

PARIS (Reuters) - A deranged homophobe stabbed Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe at an all-night party at City Hall early Sunday, inflicting a small abdominal wound that was not life-threatening, officials and police said.

But Delanoe, a Socialist homosexual elected last year, insisted to aides while lying bleeding on the parquet floor that the French capital's festival continue until dawn, they said.

A judicial source said the attacker was a 39-year-old practicing Muslim born near Paris, who told interrogators he acted "out of animosity toward politicians and homosexuals."

"He happened to be at City Hall and, seeing Delanoe pass by, he took out a knife he always carries in his pocket and he attacked," the source said, adding judicial officials considered the attack an isolated incident not linked to terrorism.

Something for everyone! He's a homophobic anti-government type, so that makes him a right wing attacker, but he's a Muslim which for some unfathomable reason makes him a left wing attacker! Something to do with our unaccountable affection I think.