Saturday, October 19, 2002

Since I've been branded a left-wing homophobe by noted queer theorist Glenn Reynolds (indirectly, through a link, natch), I thought I'd bring your attention to some right wing homophobia.

This quote accurately reflects the 'sensible middle' over at the Free Republic:

I have no great love for fudgepackers either but if they vote Republican fine.

UPDATE: This guy was nice enough to send me a link to his rant about me.

He says my "defense" amounts to:

The tired, time-worn: "The other guys are as bad, or worse than I am, so that means it's okay, and you're being unfair to criticize me."

Actually, I didn't realize I was trying to defend myself - just highlighting the difference between some folks desiring biblical justice for sodomites and some jokes about Andy's sexual hypocrisy, his rather disturbing take on HIV, and his obsession with all things liberal/Clinton, which were written by some apparently homophobic posters at Datalounge.

Oh, and Matthew Yglesias weighs in with a bit of snark:

[Y]ou have a President of the United States who believes:

People should not have sex until they are married.
Gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry.

Put one and two together and what do you get?

More fun with Freepers. Once less freak on in the world.