Thursday, October 31, 2002

Sully's all upset because the evil Howell Raines has let his arch nemesis Richard Goldstein write for the New York Times. Over at the Dish, he says this of Harry Hay, considered the founder of the modern gay rights movement:

He was also a supporter of the sexual abuse of children, fervently supporting the vile organization, NAMBLA, and lobbying to make it a part of the gay rights movement.

while chiding the Times, and Goldstein, for not including such lurid details in their obit and column.

Selective outrage for Sully is nothing new, and nor is deception. While any support of NAMBLA makes one a bit queasy, it's a little disingenuous to say that he was a 'supporter of the sexual abuse of children.' His support for NAMBLA was more ACLU-style supporting their right to exist and make their thoughts on sexual consent heard than him being an explicit advocate of pederasty or pedophilia. One can look at this petition which is the centerpiece of his 'support for NAMBLA' and come to your own conclusions - this isn't really the focus of this post.

The real focus of this post is Sully's selective outrage about this topic. Consider this quote by Sullivan good friend and one-time substitute contributor to the Daily Dish, Camille Paglia:

These days, especially in America, boy-love is not only scandalous and criminal, but somehow in bad taste. On the evening news, one sees handcuffed teachers, priests and Boy Scout leaders hustled into police vans. Therapists call them maladjusted, emotionally immature. But beauty has its own laws, inconsistent with Christian morality. As a woman, I feel free to protest that men today are pilloried for something that was rational and honorable in Greece at the height of its civilization.

~ Camille Paglia, activist and author
in Sexual Personae (New York,Vintage Books1991

Or, this quote, from Salon:

As far as Ginsberg's pro-NAMBLA stand goes, this is one of the things I most admire him for. I have repeatedly protested the lynch-mob hysteria that dogs the issue of man-boy love. In "Sexual Personae," I argued that male pedophilia is intricately intertwined with the cardinal moments of Western civilization.

Can we call on Sully to now frame all discussion of Ms. Paglia as "Camille Paglia, supporter of the sexual abuse of children?"

There's also his recent canonization of recently slain Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, who was also an advocate of the decriminalization of 'paedo sex,' which was enough to scare off that other member of the Fortuyn fan club Rod Dreher.

Think what you want about NAMBLA and "NAMBLA supporters." Just make sure to include them all.