Friday, October 18, 2002

There are so many reasons to dislike Slate , not the least of it being that its Microsoft website regularly crashes my Microsoft browser.

Another one, of course, is Tim Noah. Let's look at this paragraph:

What can we say about these six errors? First, they are all extremely minor. (Missing Rhonda Shearer and her daughter was a big political mistake, but a small journalistic one.) Second, if you find only six errors in a 205-page book, it's a red-letter day for nonfiction. Shearer's oral-history project on the World Trade Center sounds like a worthwhile effort. Her crusade against Langewiesche, though, is utterly cracked.
(emphasis mine)

I have 0 idea about the subject he's talking about, but I found that particular sentence interesting considering Noah's ridiculous attempts to find such errors in David Brock's recent book.